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Sunshine Cooperative Preschool features parents contributing time, energy, talent, and ideas to make their child's first school year experience happy, positive, and enriching.

We offer 2-Day, 3-Day, and 4-Day classes; and maintain a 4-to-1 child-to-adult ratio. Your child will receive individual attention, resulting in greater self-esteem, increased confidence, and better social development.  We also follow the Newport-Mesa Unified School District's holiday schedule, so families with older siblings can efficiently plan their days off.

Sunshine is a long-standing member of the of Orange County Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (OCCPPNS)

For you, Sunshine offers the opportunity to:

  • remain involved with your child's development

  • gain a greater understanding of your child's abilities, personality, and social development

  • meet other involved parents

  • share your talents and abilities in an important, fulfilling way


For your child, Sunshine is a fun, warm, nurturing environment where she or he can:

  • develop at her/his own rate

  • learn tolerance and cooperation

  • learn independence and self confidence

  • play freely, constructively, and creatively

  • develop social skills

  • enjoy relationships with adults other than his or her parents

"Your children have brought us great joy and smiles"

--Miss Portia, Director Sunshine Preschool



At Sunshine Co-Op Preschool, we believe that a child’s first introduction to education is greatly enhanced when families are involved. The nurturing and supportive home environment extends to the classroom and brings a warmth and community that other preschools simply cannot offer.


When a child’s parents share in the preschool experience, life-long learning is modeled and encouraged.

Each child is individually cherished and celebrated. We are aware that every child’s life experiences are unique, which adds to the beauty created by the group as a whole. As the children grow in their preschool world, their individual contributions make for a beautiful collaborative tapestry.

Social interaction, understanding others, and cooperation are important skills; as parents, we can demonstrate these traits by participating in a cooperative preschool. We believe that children and their parents must be accepted as they are; that each child and each parent makes a special contribution according to his or her own needs, interests, and abilities.




Our curriculum at Sunshine is based on themes that are well-balanced and engaging to the children.
We understand the need to offer a learning environment that addresses a variety of learning styles
through social, physical, intellectual, and emotional opportunities. Then, as they begin to internalize
concepts, their developmental brains engage in enriching extension activities, which they often share
with the group, stimulating excitement and abounding knowledge.

Our program nurtures young children. Sunshine strives to meet the individual needs of the child; promoting growth and development through:

  • Themed Monthly Learning Programs

  • Music and Movement

  • Science and Nature

  • Cooking

  • Monthly Field Trips

  • Dramatic Play

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Language Arts and Literature

  • Healthy Snacks


Sunshine Cooperative Preschool has a variety of safe outdoor equipment for large muscle development, and manipulative toys for fine motor skills.


Our programs emphasize self-esteem, social development, creativity, and kindergarten readiness.


"We can't wait to come back to Sunshine with our

youngest, we would never go anywhere else."

--D'Arcy C.


"The teachers put a lot of time and effort into the play/learning activities, they also show a lot of love for each individual child. I feel so lucky to have found Sunshine!"

--Amy B.

"I would highly recommend this school for anyone interested in a co-op school."

--Anthony M.

"I'm no teacher, but you can tell that the teachers really know what they are doing! They are so tricky! I'm pretty sure the kids don't even realize that they aren't just playing, but learning  most of the time!"

--Jennifer L.

"There are many different teaching philosophies and Sunshine feels like a great balance.  Not only are they being prepared to be academically ready for kindergarten,  they are also teaching the children how to treat others well by being a friend.  I love Sunshine Cooperative Preschool so much!"

--Margie L.

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