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A PARENT PARTICIPATION enrichment center



At Sunshine Enrichment Cooperative, we believe that a child’s educational experience is greatly enhanced when families are involved. The nurturing and supportive home environment extends to the classroom and brings a warmth and community that other learning environments simply cannot offer. When a child’s parents share in the school experience, life-long learning is modeled and encouraged.


Each child is individually cherished and celebrated. We are aware that every child’s life experiences are unique, which adds to the beauty created by the group as a whole. As the children grow in their world, their individual contributions make for a beautiful collaborative tapestry.


Our curriculum at Sunshine is based on themes that are well-balanced and engaging to the children. We understand the need to offer a learning environment that addresses a variety of learning styles through social, physical, intellectual, and emotional opportunities. Then, as they begin to internalize concepts, their developmental brains engage in enriching extension activities, which they often share with the group, stimulating excitement and abounding knowledge. 


In our advanced cooperative classes, basic academics are emphasized with a goal of creating solid knowledge on a foundation of love and kindness. With family involvement, students benefit from small learning units and constant support. Alongside the parents, experienced educators create an environment which fosters success at each child’s individual pace.


The community and enthusiasm at Sunshine are fostered by the teachers who respect each child and their family, and who know that a cooperative is truly a partnership for the benefit of our future.


Sunshine, where we grow loving hearts and inquisitive minds.


Our programs nurture young children.  We strive to meet the individual needs of the child - promoting growth and development.  Sunshine emphasizes self-esteem, social-emotional development, and creativity.  

  • Tuesday/Thursday 9am-12pm

  • For children age 3 by December 1st

  • $200 per month

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-12pm

  • For children age 4 by December 1st

  • $285 per month

Kindergarten / Schoolhouse
  • Monday - Thursday 8am-12pm

  • For children age 5 - 12 

  • $385 per month

 "Lots and lots of love, fun and friend making made

his first year in school at Sunshine an amazing experience for him and me."

--Candice R.




At Sunshine Enrichment Cooperative, our teachers have been Sunshine parents, public school teachers, Montessori teachers, homeschool mamas, and child advocates, and therefore understand the precious relationship between staff and families in a cooperative enrichment center.  They are dedicated to serving each child and honoring his or her individual path. Miss Portia, Miss Crystal, Miss Rachelle, Miss Christa, and Miss Whitney celebrate the opportunity to work at Sunshine and deeply appreciate the love and support they receive from the families that share in this learning experience.


Miss Portia

Miss Portia

Director / Schoolhouse / 3-Day

Miss Crystal

Miss Crystal

Assistant Director / 2-Day / 3-day

Miss Rachelle

Miss Rachelle


 "My daughters both loved Sunshine. It is a

     special community that we all cherish."

--Jason K.




The Sunshine calendar is filled with monthly field trips, guest speakers, holiday celebrations, mommy+child pajama day, daddy+child game night, parents-only winter party, and other seasonal fund-raising events.



 "I couldn't have found a better preschool for our

     son.  The most loving teachers, fun and

     educational learning each month, and a great

     community of parents."

--Alexia T.


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Portia - 714.290.5747

Crystal - 949.433.8944

Sunshine Enrichment Cooperative

Welcomes all children to participate in our program. We do not discriminate for any reason and celebrate each child and their family.